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Aakash PrimeClass is an extended Classroom Courses designed to provide higher-order subject-matter exposure to students; delivered by National-level faculty over New Age Satellite Mode. The program aims to impart an integrated learning, spanning “Boards” & “Competition” preparation. The program is delivered using state-of-the-art, two-way interactive VSAT technology which offers the added advantage of video recording of each lecture delivered for later review & revision.


Our Tele-education program brings Aakash’s quality classroom coaching, developed over the past 30 years to your city while helping you save your time, money and giving you a flexibility to learn from the Best in your city.

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The Aakash PrimeClass Program

The Aakash PrimeClass Classroom Course will be delivered through a national network of AESL. The centre are VSAT-enabled and through state-of-the-art studios & telecommunication facilities, the centres channelize audio, video and data-enabled high-quality, faculty lectures to students.

  • The AESL faculty uses smart assessment system, audio-video facilities, smart attendance system etc. to see, hear and talk to the students.
  • The classes are delivered through a unique AV setup using high-definition projection system and high resolution reverse feed camera.
  • The students can see, listen and participate in a lecture and interact with the faculty spontaneously and naturally as in a regular classroom.
  • They can also raise queries, respond to polls, attempt multiple choice questions and assessments & mark attendance.
  • All sessions conducted are recorded and are available to the students via the website for later review.
  • Aakash itutor facility for online tests.


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